Health and beauty tips

Whichever area one is involved in, it takes energy and focus if we are to survive the battle of modern living. When our looks confirm that we are weak and on the verge of surrender, life takes no prisoners. It will run us over and then demand that we clean up the mess ourselves. The good news is that we do not have to attend boot camp to become battle ready; a few simple adjustments in lifestyle is all the preparation needed.

Sleep on It

A good night’s sleep not only gives the body a chance to replenish energy supplies, it also has a dramatic effect on the metabolism. The key here is the production of the hormones ghrelin and leptin, which control eating habits. Ghrelin tells us when we are hungry and leptin advises when we have had enough. In a cruel twist, lack of sleep produces more ghrelin and less leptin, leading to weight gain, which is enough to suck the fight out of females in particular. It can have them reaching for the wine bottle instead of the water bottle.

Watered Down Truth

Although it is now generally accepted that the recommended eight-glasses-a-day may be an overestimation, replacing the liquid that we lose naturally each day is essential to health and looks. Water assists with digestion, circulation and body temperature control among others, while the effect of alcohol on the brain leaves it unable to communicate effectively with the kidneys. This leads to excessive loss of liquid and eventual dehydration, which quickly shows up in the skin.

Use It or Lose It

Those hoping that the topic would not come up are the very people who should be getting more exercise. Energy levels will rise dramatically, as the heart, muscles and brain respond to the increase in oxygen and natural chemical release. Ensure a nutritiously balanced diet and stepping into the ring with life will suddenly seem a lot less daunting.